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Creating reports with BIRT Report Designer - Certification training

Reference: BIRT-DESIGNER-03
Duration: 3 day (s)




The successful intervention on several projects that suffered from performance problems, has provided to  Zenika consultants valuable experience on the subject, which is reflected in the provision of the ZenTracker library under the LGPL licence, which enables to measure the underlying activity of Hibernate
Certified training: Following your training you would be able to pass your BIRT certification exams. The exam consists of a series of high level issue, covering the many features and capabilities of Eclipse BIRT. It enables you to verify the skills acquired during training.
BIRT is a powerful tool for generating reports offered by the Eclipse Foundation. Its graphic design tool alone is a clear advantage by allowing the rapid creation and visual reports which have an impact.
This training is essential for developers working on reporting but also to anyone wishing to discover the BIRT tool and the extent of its capabilities.



  • Create reports from simple ones to more complex
  • Extract data, process them and get it in shape
  • Use graphics to enhance the visual impact of the reports
  • Allow navigation between reports and their configuration by the end user


Distribution: 20% Theory 80% Practical
Audience: Architect, Reporting Developers, Project Manager
Prerequisites: Able to read English, no knowledge of BIRT is necessary




  • Principle and content of a BIRT report
  • Designer CPR: perspective and views


Create a simple report

  • Configuring a Data Source
  • Configuring a Data Set
  • Using the Table component
  • The concept of Binding
  • Running a report in HTML, PDF
  • Display using the integrated Web Viewer


Formatting reports

  • Using the Grid
  • Adding rows in a table
  • Management styles
  • Using data mapping
  • Format a date, a number or a string
  • Configuring the background and fonts
  • Manage alternating the background color of detailed rows


Management of sort, grouping and aggregation

  • Concept of tabular data
  • Calculated columns
  • Establish a group
  • Automatic bookmarks in PDF / HTML
  • Aggregate data: sum, average, percentage, counting
  • Formatting in a table


Setting up a report

  • Create and use a parameter in a Data Set
  • Display the value of a parameter
  • Enter and edit a parameter
  • Manage dependent parameters (Cascading parameters)


Writing Expressions

  • Handling of concatenations and 'null' values 
  • Functions of string replacement and uppercase (for sorting)
  • Filters (Data Set Table) and regular expressions

Sub reports

  • Masters reports and subreports
  • Link the current data to the subreport

The JDBC data sources, Text and XML

  • Location of JDBC drivers
  • Managing connection profiles
  • Connecting to a CSV flat file
  • Connecting to an XML file


Joining Data Sets

  • Join data from different Data Sets



Cross Tables

  • Data cubes
  • The Crosstab: N dimensions and M measures
  • The grand totals



  • The X / Y Series and the Bart charts
  • The display of values and their formatting
  • Graphs and their styles: Camerbert, Scatter (points and curves), Classes (candlestick), Sector Gauge


Configuring Master Pages

  • Set the header and footer: date and page number
  • Joint use of different master pages
  • Impact on the PDF / HTML rendering 
  • Manual configuration of the visibility



  • Link to external site
  • Link to a report with parameters

Interactivity on a graph

  • ToolTips
  • Link to another report


  • Libraries Data Source / Data Set
  • Component library / styles (theme)
  • Publication and use of N libraries
  • The local Redefinitions and restorations

Manage Templates (models)

  • Creating of a components skeleton 
  • Adding Instructions users
  • Publication and use of a template

Render your reports with flexible Scripting

  • Edit the content, formatting and layout
  • Change the look and chart data of a graph



* Books are available only for inter-company training. Zenika reserves the right to change the proposed book at any time.


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